Girl Child Centre-Colombo YWCA
The Girl Child Centre is a response to gender discrimination which starts with the “Girl Child”. Where poverty prevails and socio-cultural tradition favours the male, gender discrimination exists as a response to the limited facilities available. The “Girl Child” is discriminated against, in addition to being vulnerable, as “mother’s aide” places a heavy family burden on her. 
The Girl Child Centre was established in 1996 as a practical follow up to a seminar on “Sexual Abuse with Emphasis on the Girl Child” 
It seeks to work through various projects:

Creating awareness on relevant topics
Providing free Educational support (English & IT)
Meeting the health  nutritional and recreational needs of  the children 

It’s mission is to cater to the less privileged segments of the society, especially women and children,  with a view to building their capacity to help themselves through awareness raising on social and family issues and promoting peace and harmony for national unity and development. 
The Centre’s main aim is to provide life skills that focus on the needs of particularly vulnerable groups of girl & boy children.

Teaching of  English Project

This project is mainly initiated and targeted towards the school-going children of the families of less priviledged who are residing in and around the ywca specially those who cannot afford to go to tuition classes. 

The classes are divided according to age into two categories. Annually new children are enrolled to both grades.   Classes are limited to 50 children. 

They are provided with free stationery, study materials and a nutritional meal with a cup of Milk & a snack each day.    Most children have improved their English knowledge in aspects of reading, writing and speaking which is a great achievement.   The children who have completed the lower grade class are promoted to the higher grade.   

Teaching of IT Computer classes for children & Adults

The Centre also provides an opportunity for students who have completed an year or more in the English class to follow computer classes free of charge.  They are given an introduction to the uses of the computer followed by an introduction to computer courses such as Microsoft word, Excel, Power-point. Using the Internet & email is also taught briefly.  

Feed A Child Programme

The Centre also conducts a project with the Dr. Thaninayagam Tamil Vidyalayam School. This school was identified as one of the less priviledged, needy and deserving one as it is situated in a low income area where families of these children receive very low wages. Thus the children’s nutritional needs are not met by their parents. The Centre has been providing lunch to the school, once in two months.  We initially started this project two years ago, through the generosity of our committee member’s who contributed donations in cash and kind.  Some Clubs have also donated generously in cash to provide a day’s meal to these children.  We look forward to their continued support. 

Prison Project

  Committee members visit children under the age of 5 yrs who are in the prison with their mothers. These children are given toiletry items, such as baby soap, powder, cologne. They are also given a nutritional meal such as milk. Babies too are given milk powder.  

The sustainability of these projects depends on donations and funds received from organizations, individuals and well wishers.  We welcome and look forward to their continued support

If you wish to donate towards one of the above projects please contact Mrs. Shirani de Fonseka-Mobile number 077 9168017 or Ms. Joyce William-Coordinator Girl Child Centre Tel Number 00 94 11 2330080.